Vertical Video Feed

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Vertical Video Feed

Welcome to the future of news delivery !

Our innovative vertical Video Feed Interface lets your users scroll through an infinite video feed, and is designed to revolutionize the way audiences consume news on digital platforms.

Thanks to our standardized and easy-to-integrate SDKs, this dynamic feature integrates seamlessly with your existing website or mobile application, providing an engaging, modern experience for your users.

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Key Features and Advantages

Seamless Integration

Available for mobile web and for apps, our Vertical Video Feed integrates effortlessly with a few lines of codes

Enhanced Engagement

This new navigation interface increases overall engagement and time spent on your platform


Leverage in-feed ads that were previously dedicated to social media campaigns. Connect to your ad server and monitor in real time the performance of your ads !

Content curation

Thanks to our dedicated Digiteka Platform, you're in control of the content that is be displayed within the vertical feed. Create playlists manually or automatically, and reach new audiences in no time !

Content Syndication

Thanks to the exclusive syndicated content on Digiteka, get access to a wide array of verified, high-quality content. Offer a diverse range of videos to your audience, keeping them informed and entertained even when your in-house production is ramping up !

Boost Engagement with our exclusive Carousel interface

Automatically display teaser video thumbnails in your articles! This visually appealing design draws users in and encourages them to explore more content. By presenting news stories in a compact, easily digestible format, you can significantly increase viewer retention and engagement.

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Best-in-Class User Experience

Our Vertical Video Feed is designed with the user's experience in mind.

Users can either enter the vertical feed from a dedicated video icon in your interface or from the standard, in-articles video player, enjoying a fluid and intuitive transition. The familiar swipe-up mechanism lets users navigate in a new way, making their consumption of news-related videos as engaging as scrolling through social media.


Capitalize on the growing trend of vertical videos. Our interface supports all ad formats and connects to a wide range of monetization partners, allowing you to monetize your content effectively without compromising user experience. This not only boosts your revenue but also ensures that ads are seamlessly integrated into the user’s viewing journey.

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Available monetization partners

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Digiteka Video Marketplace

Your in-house video production is still ramping up and you’re in need of more video content? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to the Digiteka Marketplace, get access to thousands of verified, freshly produced news-related videos from our network.

With real-time access to syndicated content, you’ll be able to provide a rich and varied news experience to your audience. Syndicate the best content effortlessly and keep your users coming back for more !


  • afp
  • france24
  • euronews
  • ouestfrance
  • rossel
  • ebra

... and many more !

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