Inread Manager

Optimize your ad spaces by putting into competition display and video campaigns for the highest CPM.
Maximize your ad revenue effortlessly and automatically!

Key features

Boost your ad revenue

The Inread Manager maximizes the value of your ad space by intelligently and automatically selecting between display and video campaigns, ensuring the highest CPM for your content.

Enhanced Visibility and Engagement

Elevate ad visibility by strategically placing video ads higher on your webpage, improving scroll-to-play rates and user engagement.

Fill rate optimization

reach the highest ad fill rate by intelligently switching to display ads when no video ad is available.

Intelligently switch between Display and Instream video ads

Thanks to our unique technology, the Inread Manager dynamically compares the display and video ads CPMs.

If video wins, your video ad will be displayed, right before the editorial video. Else, the display ad will be shown. Effortlessly. Automatically.

Video Content

Seamlessly integrate editorial videos within your articles, enhancing user engagement and content relevance.


Boost revenue by competitively placing both display and in-stream video demands, ensuring maximum profitability for your ad spaces.


Effortlessly integrate the solution without complexities, streamlining the process for ease of implementation and management.

Compliance with Google Guidelines

Addressing Google's user-centric guidelines, the Inread Manager optimizes your video visibility, placing it higher on the page. By adhering to these guidelines and ensuring a user-friendly experience, it enhances user satisfaction while maintaining effective ad placement strategies.


The Inread Manager compares CPMs between display and video ads. If the video ad offers a higher CPM, it's placed at the top of the page; otherwise, the display ad takes the prime spot. This ensures optimal revenue by featuring the ad format with the best CPM.

Explore how Inread Manager optimizes ad placements, providing enhanced revenue opportunities without compromising user experience.

What video will be shown?

To offer complete flexibility in the video selection process, the Inread Manager can showcase editor-curated videos (including a specific single video, theme-based playlists, syndicated content…) or even conduct a semantic analysis of the page to determine the best video to display, automatically!

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