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Video Player

Integrate our state-of-the-art, lightweight and customizable players on your website to make your videos shine!

Our proprietary players are built to make the best out of your videos. Short, mid/long-form or live feed video formats will be presented at their best.

Customizing the look and feel of the player is also easy as 1-2-3, ensuring they fully integrate in your environment and correspond to your needs.

Designed for best in class monetization, the players are natively compatible with all tag standards, integrate SSP partners, handle consent management and are 100% cookieless. Yield optimization included!

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State of the art players

Latest technology for the best experience!


Super light players for blazing fast loading times


Skin support for perfect integration

Multiple player formats

Multi format support (horizontal, vertical, smart, live)

Smart Player

Context-aware video recommendations

Chaptering support

VTT support for chaptering

Header bidding

Header bidding natively built into the players

Pre-roll support

Simple or double pre-roll support

RTMP / HLS / SRT Support

Supporting all standards for best in class content delivery


Meaningful stats through dedicated dashboards

Best In Class Hosting

99.9% SLA up time

Smart Player

Smart Player

Leverage the power of our AI technology.

The Smart Players analyze the context of the page in real-time, and automatically display the best-match videos. Users get more content to watch, which grows the engagement, and more opportunities to monetize.

The selection of videos is made from your own library or can even be set up from any other source of the Video Marketplace. The integration is seamless, and will add meaningful, contextualized videos in any article.

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Live Streams

Engage your audience with our turnkey solution

Start live streaming today! Digiteka provides an easy-to-use interface to be on-air in a matter of seconds!

Digiteka Live Streaming Service supports the latest standards (RTMP/HLS/SRT) for real-time, multi-format encoding, and enables the replay of live streams with automatic Live-to-VOD conversion.

Deliver the best experience to your audience, on any device, at any time.

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Live Stream Underlay
24/7 Web TV Channels Underlay

24/7 Web TV Channels

Focus on your content, we'll give you the power tools to stream 24/7

Digiteka's 24/7 Live Streaming Service lets (local) Web TV Channels rely on a robust solution enabling real-time, multi-format encoding for 24/7 live streaming channels.

Thanks to our proven and state-of-the-art technology supporting all of the latest standards (RTMP/HLS/SRT), your audience will enjoy the best of your content, from any device, at any time.

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