Header Bidding

Video header bidding

In an always and ever increasing video advertising market, Digiteka has been the first adtech to integrate a proprietary header bidding technology in its player.

As the true pionneer in header bidding, Digiteka is the #1 solution in the market and a true game changer in ad management.

Prior to header bidding, editors had to rely on the “waterfall” method (successive ad calls) to manage multiple monetization partners. This led to 2 major drawbacks:

  1.   High latency time, which was detrimental to the user experience
  2.   Significant loss of advertising revenue

With the header bidding techology, a single call allows to put all referenced ad sources in competition, in real time. The highest bid wins and maximizes the publisher’s revenue!


VAST compatible


Consent Management
(TCF v2 protocol)


Advantages of Digiteka's header bidding

  • Natively integrated with Digiteka's player (easy integration)
  • Cross device compatibility: web, mobile web and apps
  • Top grade support from our dedicated team: help in choosing the best monetization partners, technical setup & maintenance…

Benefits for publishers

  • Transparency and strict control of referenced advertising platforms (SSPs, advertising networks, etc.)
  • Diversity of the advertisers
  • Increased advertising revenues (optimized FIR and eCPM thanks to inventory auctioning)
  • Improved user experience (no latency)

Available monetization partners

Want to get started?

Digiteka's header bidding integration does not require any intervention from publishers, as it is natively integrated into our player!

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