Diversity: an asset for companies

Diversity: an asset for companies
The representations and bias concerning diversity are still very persistent. The work on representations and bias are a constant piece of work. Formations and sensitization are necessary to remind the several opportunities (advantages) that an open mind to others and differences can constitute.

Diversity is an asset for a company. It allows to demonstrate the engagement of a company into a socialy reponsable action. As a result, it creates a positive image toward its clients, its employees and its suppliers.
Diversity within Digiteka exists for years. Diversity is a crucial part of Digiteka’s strategies and values.

The thing that I love at Digiteka is that diversity is existing very naturaly everyday.
Diversity never suffers of any discussion, any reflexion.
Digiteka is looking to integrate the best talents without any consideration for origins, gender, sexual orientation , age or any other standard of discrimination.
Digiteka is an innovative company and we will continue our engagement in order to develop diversity in all its forms and types because it is part of our values and even our genes.
I am very proud to work at Digiteka, a human company which is creative, open minded and which evolve and keep track with its time.
Amar Dridj – Administrative and financial director