Digiteka : the player 100% cookieless

Digiteka : the player 100% cookieless
From the first of april 2021, all websites will have to comply to the requirements of the new ePrivacy directive concerning cookies and other web trackers. That implies that the confirmation of consentment or rejection of cookies will have to be put in the same level, and the user will have the option to refuse tracking, allow cookies or personalize his choice. This new reglementation will surely shake the digital ecosystem.
Expert in contextualisation for 15 years, the Digiteka player is 100 % cookieless.
Respectful of the user’s personal datas, our video technologie is able to target precise thematics and semantics contexts, strictly abiding the reglementation. The count of key indexs of performance, as the visibility and completion, are also entirely cookieless managed.
In a constant evolving digital environment, Digiteka’s technology allows to fuse power, performance and contextual targeting, in order to answer the goals of the advertisers.

Deployed within an alliance of prenium publishers, the Digiteka’s answer is
able to touch and target more than 43 millions of unique viewers and to
reach more than 8 out of ten internet users…. without cookies !