The latest Digiteka SEO news

The latest Digiteka SEO news

We would like to share with you the latest developments implemented by Digiteka regarding video referencing.

We know how important SEO is for our customers and that video is now part of the SEO elements that can strengthen your position in search results.

For this reason, we did some research on how Digiteka can help you in this process and we have recently taken steps in this direction.

Now, all video integrations made directly by your editorial teams (and more generally, all <iframe> type integrations on your pages) a Player Digiteka can be referenced by Google and proposed within the video results of the search engine.

All the essential metadata of the videos are transmitted directly via the Player, even if you do not have a dedicated video sitemap for these integrations to be referenced.

We hope that these developments can help you gain visibility within search engines and traffic.

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