The Digiteka player is natively anti-ad-fraud with Adloox

The Digiteka player is natively anti-ad-fraud with Adloox

Digiteka, a video adtech company engaged in responsible advertising, announces a technology partnership with Adlloox to combat invalid traffic sources.

Thanks to the combined expertise of the two adtechs, the Digiteka player includes an anti ad-fraud filter in pre-bid mode. This innovative technology allows Digiteka to optimize the broadcast of its programmatic campaigns, as well as limiting false ad calls (from netbots, crawlers, malwares …) to less than 1% of all delivered impressions.

In real terms, the new anti ad-fraud module of the Digiteka player takes advantage of an unseen filter granularity (by users, by browsers and by urls). It is based on Adloox’s expertise and technology, which tests billions of data daily utilising more than 40 algorithms. This information, transmitted and interpreted by the Digiteka player in pre-bid mode, enables Digiteka to optimize the monetisation of its publishers’ network inventory..

Digiteka and Adloox specify that, in accordance with GDPR regulations, this technology uses personal data collected exclusively with the consent of web users.

Cédric Ambrugeat, COO and co-founder of Digiteka, says : «Backed by many years of collaboration with Adloox’s teams, we are happy to make this important evolution of our player. It contributes to our engagement for a more responsible advertising ecosystem ».

« Success in optimizing video inventories in pre-bid mode was a priority for Adloox » , adds Romain Bellion ,co-founder and CEO of Adloox, « The market is still based on ad fraud optimization, website by website, at the end of the campaign. With Digiteka, we offer optimization in real time, automated and with ultra granularity. It’s a significant innovation, designed by two french adtech companies, which will create significant value for all market participants. »